​The Merc M7-R Rotary Locking Pistol is the latest offering from master gun designer and gun maker Fred Craig.  More than two decades of development have come together in this truly unique high performance sporting pistol.  

A combination of advanced engineering elements have been employed in Fred's new design.  Although the rotary barrel concept has been around for over 100 years, it has never really been utilized anywhere close to it's true potential.  Rotary Locking systems of the past all have the same inherent  flawed features.  These features allow for minimal barrel mass and promote a large high bore axis slide in order to accommodate their flawed locking lug designs.   Fred Craig's patent pending design effectively reduces slide mass and height while promoting a much heavier barrel design.....which is known to decrease slide speed and substantially soften recoil.   This also effectively lowers the bore axis of the gun....which greatly reduced muzzle rise. 

Craig also incorporates a Hydaulic Dampening component to his design.  The barrel and mating barrel tunnel of the slide, are designed to maximize contact surface area and when machined to strict tolerances produces a precision fit shaft and journal relationship.  When oil is added there becomes a suction like effect between the two parts.  Different weight oils can be used to effectively control slide speed to match specific power factor loads.  This additional design component delivers impressive recoil reducing characteristics...and are only seen on the M7 Merc.

Shooting the M7 is like none other....  this is the cadillac of combat handguns.  No pistol even comes close to bein as flat and as soft shooting.  When using a red dot scope, the dot never leaves the field of view!

Handling the M7 is different too..... Craig utilizes a combination of Ergo features to enhance both the strong hand and off hand grip.  The M7 feel is like now other..... with it's custom hand groomed and stippled finger grooves on the front strap,  and it's taller CZ style backstrap,  you will feel a whole new degree of comfort and control.  

This radically new and innovative pistol is being produced in very limited quantities.  Due to Fred's age and his dedications to developing and building new designes, Fred tells us that there will most likely never be more than 100 of the M7 Merc pistols produced.  This offers a very unique opportunity to own one of the most truly custom handguns ever made.  

Mr. Craig is now accepting deposits for this fine pistol as well as other models in the Merc family of handguns, including the original Merc Gas gun 1st Gen.... The Merc Proton Gas Gun 2nd Gen....  and the Merc M7 Rotary Locking pistol.  This is exciting,  because Fred has never before sold any of the Merc series pistols in over 25 years of development.  The first batch of  25pc.  M7 pistols are in the works.....  and there are still some units available.  

Please email us with your questions and interest.

Caliber - 9mm Luger

Capacity - 17+1 rds

Weight - 38 oz.

Barrel Length - 5.250"

Accuracy - Sub  1"  @  25yrds.

Trigger Pull -  2.5 lbs

Ignition - Single Action Hammer Fired

Recoil System - Rotary Locked Delayed-Blowback


 MERC   M7-R  Rotary Locking Pistol