M7-R Rotary Pistol

Forged from decades of development, the new Merc M7-R represents the pinacle in sporting pistol performance.  It's state of the art, patent pending rotary locking barrel design boast unparalleled recoil management through shear innovation and superior engineering. 

With a focus on increased barrel mass, hydraulic dampening, and a radial anti-torque design, these features come together with Craig's trademark ultra low bore axis to produce the softest and flattest recoiling combat style pistol ever made.  And if that isn't enough, The Merc M7-R takes accuracy to a whole new level.

Every part of the M7-R Pistol is meticulously crafted by Fred Craig...  From cnc machining each part, to painstakingly hand fitting the assembly into a creation worthy of the title 

"The finest combat handgun made".

​Stay tuned....  there is more to  come on this brand new product from Atomitronx.